• Ford Escort 1300E

    Ford released the 1600E Cortina late during 1967, which was quickly
    followed by the Corsair 2000E and the Capri 3000E. It's not surprising
    that Ford decided to launch a MK1 Escort carrying the coveted "E" badge.

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    Based on the Mk1 Escort body shell, but with the 1300 Sport engine,
    the 1300E variant was launched in 1973.This model was very well
    equipped, external differences included rectangular headlamps and
    auxiliary lights, radial tyres, wider wheels with chunky chrome trims
    and extra side indicators. To bring the passenger and driver experience
    upmarket, the 1300E was fitted with deep pile carpets, extra sound
    insulation, a unique centre console, luxury carpets, GT pod instruments
    and a 3 spoke steering wheel. A wood trimmed dash and door panels
    finished off the interior.

    Available in Metallic Purple and Metallic Amber the colours offered a
    bold statement. Introduced during March 1973 for 1182 the E was built
    using the Sport shell including the flared front wheel arches. Many
    models were actually built at the AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations)
    plant in South Ockendon in Essex.

    The front of the vehicles had the GT style rectangular headlamps plus
    two distinctive Lucas LK8 spot lamps. Side repeaters were fitted as
    standard just below the very distinctive black or white coach stripe's
    that ran down the length of the car. At both ends of the car Ford fitted
    full-length chrome bumpers complete with chrome over riders. Other
    items of chrome included the mirrors, window edging strips and sill

    The rear of the car had the usual Escort features but came with a pair
    of reversing lamps as standard. To help show this was no ordinary
    Escort Ford decided to not only put the 1300E badges on the front wings
    and rear of the car as with other Escort models but to also add the
    badges to each of the rear quarter sections to the roof. (which was
    often covered in a black vinyl).

    Mechanically the 1300E shared the same 72bhp 1.3ltr cross-flow engine
    as the Sport and GT models, connected to a 4.125:1 close ratio gearbox
    meant that the 1300E could reach 0 - 60 in just over 13 seconds. The top
    speed was a claimed 93mph.