• The AVO Cars

    Escort Twin-Cam, AVO's Ancestor

    The 110bhp Lotus-powered Escort Twin Cam was conceived and developed by Ford's Boreham based competitions department during 1967 and unleashed on an unsuspecting public during January 1968. It went on to achieve many international race and rally victories during its short production life. The car's first international win was on the 1968 Circuit of Ireland Rally when driven by a certain Roger Albert Clark.

    A rare and fule injected Capri


    Ford Capri RS3100

    Well here is how the last offering
    from Aveley the RS3100 was announced to the press on 8th November 1973: PRESS

    125 MPH CAPRI

    THE CAPRI RS3100 ...

    Ford released the 1600E Cortina late during 1967, which was quickly
    followed by the Corsair 2000E and the Capri 3000E. It's not surprising
    that Ford decided to launch a MK1 Escort carrying the coveted "E" badge.

    Based on the Mk1 Escort body shell, but with the 1300 Sport engine,
    the 1300E variant was launched ...

    Ford Escort Mexico

    The Ford Escort Mexico was
    introduced to the world in November 1970 and was so named because of Ford Motor
    Company's victory in the World Cup Rally.

    This rally started in London on
    19th April 1970 and finished some 16,000 miles later in Mexico. Originally Ford
    intended to use Escorts with the Twin Cam
    or BDA engine, but after reconnaissance
    work it was decided that ...

    Ford Escort RS1600 - The Potent Mix

    "Ford Escort RS1600 - The Potent Mix".
    This was how Ford's advertising campaign announced the Escort RS1600 to
    the world in early 1970. A combination of Escort Twin Cam chassis and running
    gear allied with Ford's newly developed Cosworth sixteen-valve twin cam BDA
    (Belt Drive Type A) engine unit. The announcement heralded the birth of what was
    to become, along with its Mk11 descendant the RS1800, arguably the most
    successful rally car of the 1970's.

    The RS1600's ...

    Ford Escort RS2000

    The escort RS2000 was the last car
    to be introduced to the AVO production range, introduced in the June of 1973.
    The car fitted nicely into the AVO range with its performance almost comparable
    to the complex RS1600, but with the reliability and ease of maintenance as the

    The original name for the car was to be the "Puma", but it was
    decided to keep with the RS tradition and so it was re-named the