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Thread: The AVO Club Spares

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    Default The AVO Club Spares

    The AVO Club stock a variety of spares available to all members. Please find below a sample of our stock...

    Hoses (Repro)

    BDA Top heater hose
    BDA/TC Top rad hose
    MEX Short heater hose
    MEX Top rad hose
    MEX/BDA long heater hose
    MEX/BDA/TC Bottom rad hose
    Petrol tank filler neck
    RS2000 Bottom rad hose
    RS2000 Heater hoses-set of 3
    RS2000 Top rad hose
    TC Top heater hose
    RS 3100 Top hose
    RS 3100 Bottom hose
    MEX/BDA long heater hose
    MEX/BDA/TC Bottom rad hose

    Miscellaneous Fittings/Cables

    Door hinge pins
    Clutch cable RS2 (repro)
    Spare wheel bolt MEX/BDA/TC(repro)
    spare wheel bracket MEX/RS2(repro)
    Throttle cable MEX/RS2 (repro)
    Throttle cable RS1600 (repro)
    14" trico wiper refills
    Throttle cable RS1600

    New Locktabs

    Steering rack set of 4
    Caliper to strut set of 2
    Disk to hub set of 4

    Brake/clutch Components
    Adjuster cogs for girling brakes
    Anti-squeal kit & pins for m16 caliper
    Brake master cylinder(dual line)
    Brake master cylinder(MEX/BDA/TC)
    Brake master cylinder(single line)
    Brake shoes (lockheed type)
    Brake shoes (MEX/BDA/TC)
    Brake/clutch reservoir(MEX/BDA/TC
    Clutch master cylinder(MEX/BDA/TC
    Clutch resevoir (late MEX)
    Clutch slave cylinder(MEX/BDA/TC
    Flexi brake hose
    Handbrake cable
    Handbrake equaliser bracket (repro)
    Handbrake rod early/late (repro)
    MEX/BDA lockheed rear brake cyl
    MEX/BDA/TC clutch spring set(repro)
    MEX/BDA/TC rear brake cylinder
    Rear brake return spring kit-TC
    RS2000 clutch cable (repro)
    RS2000 rear brake adjuster
    Servo non-return valve to in line servo

    Pedal box bushes, now repro in phosphor bronse

    Main pivot


    Shock absorber rear early/ late
    Rear shock absorber monroe gas 20% uprated early/ late

    Electrical Components
    Grey loom tape
    Loom clips (repro)

    Under Bonnet Decals
    1600GT rocker cover
    2000HC timing belt cover
    Antifreeze (coolant)
    Chassis plate overhaul decal
    Early lighting decals blue/white
    Late lighting decal
    Mexico engine adjustment-silver
    Mexico engine adjustment-yellow
    Negative earth
    RS1600 carb mounting
    RS1600 starting instructions
    RS3100 capri lighting decal
    AC Element
    Super Start battery

    Window Stickers
    AVO 25th anniversary
    AVO window sticker
    Ford sport (internal or external)
    London Mexico Escort
    Monte Carlo Rally 94
    Rally sport performance
    Safari Rally 72
    We brought it back from mexico

    Seals and Gaskets
    Bulkhead to heater plate seal
    Door check strap seal
    Filler neck to body cork gasket
    Front indicator lens to unit seal
    Front indicator to body seal
    Petrol cap cork gasket
    Rear lamp lens to unit seal
    Rear number plate light/boot light

    Internal/External Trim
    Aluminium carpet edge trims (repro)
    Front panel grommet (repro)
    RS alloy center cap- chrome set 4
    RS alloy center cap-grey set 4
    RS alloy center cap- chrome set 4
    Bulkhead bonnet rubber (repro)


    Diff to axle gasket
    2000E bush to bottom of gearstick
    2000E gearbox oil seal
    2000E half round gearstick bush
    BDA water pump/alternator bolt repro
    Crossflow oil pump
    Diff to axle mounting studs
    ELF89 Oil filter motorcraft
    RS2 bellhousing grommet

    Capri Parts CD
    Covers RS3100 & RS2600

    At a Committee Meeting held on October 15th 2006 it was decided that The AVO Owners Club would only sell spare parts to members of the Club. This follows an examination of who was buying from the Club and what benefits there were by being a member of the Club.

    To simplify matters the following statement sums up the policy:

    “If it bolts onto a car, you have to be a member to buy it from the AVO Owners Club”

    This policy does not effect Regalia items and models etc.

    You do not have to be an AVO car owner to become a member, Associated Membership has always been available. Please speak to us for any clarification you may need. Membership forms are available in the 'JOIN' section.

    If you have an AVO car and were to display it on any of our Stands at the regular shows in the summer months you would get more than your membership fees back in the form of show tickets.

    The AVO Owners Club attends as many summer shows as it can, we do not insist that cars shown on our stands are concourse examples. If its on the road, lets see it.

    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

    Thank You.
    AVO Owners Club Committee 2006.
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